Tintypes are unique, permanent, single copy photographs on metal, made in a large format bellows camera using the authentic chemical wet-plate collodion process.

Artisanal,  tangible and precious - There's nothing else in photography quite like it. 

Having your tintype done is a special experience: a photo shoot like no other. You'll witness first hand a process dating back 160 years or more. And the pièce de résistance is watching the image emerge from the metal plate before your eyes.  

Have your portrait hand crafted at my Salamanca Arts Centre studio in Hobart, or I'll bring my travelling darkroom to your preferred location. 

Still life and landscape tintypes are also available to buy directly or as part of exhibitions. 

 Phillip England (photo courtesy of Lara van Raay)

Phillip England (photo courtesy of Lara van Raay)

Tasmanian Tintype is run by artist Dr. Phillip England whose practice also embraces film & digital processes - www.phillipengland.com.

Phillip is represented by Nolan Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre & he is a professional member of the National Association for the Visual Arts.